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About Us

About OpticVilla

OpticVilla is an online eyewear product portal, offering high-end designer eyewear products including Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Contact Lens, Power Sunglasses, Reading Glasses and other related accessories. We provide buyers the best destination for purchasing premium quality eyewear at affordable rates. Being world’s leading provider of lenses, we can assure you about the top-notch quality of services and products.

Why Buy Eyewear Online in India from OpticVilla

OpticVilla provides a wide range of quality glass and lens products, for men, women, and kids. Country-wide availability and unmatched quality of our products have made many fans around the country. OpticVilla has clear payment and purchase policies, grouped with excellent discounts and offers. Our designer frames and glasses are simply precise and adorable, making us the all-time favorite of our buyers.


What Do we Sell?

Our online portal renders a diverse range of trendy products with are dedicated to your vision correction, and eye care. As enlisted, our online item range has the followings –

  • EyeglassesWe sell premium quality spectacle frames, prescription glasses, men and women eyeglasses, eyeglasses for computer, round, Cat-eye, rimless, full frame, square, anti-glare, half frame and all other varieties of eyeglasses. Our specialized professionals are perfect at selecting the right glasses and hence making the worthy sales.

  • Reading glasses: Having a great collection of reading glasses, we are a proud seller of amazing eye care products online. Excellent pricing and easy returns are available to make you cherish. Our glasses are meant to help your vision problems, at the same time making you look confident and bolder.

  • Contact lenses: Finding the exact match for your eye care requirements is our top priority in every case. We are dedicated to serves you with the prescribed contact lenses, without a miss. Our quick delivery services and an amazing portal have a good balance of varieties, brands, and designs.

  • Power sunglasses: Our fabulous spectacles and power sunglasses are trendy and attractive. Presenting an addictive collection of eyewear for men and women, OpticVilla is surely the best online shopping store for eye care products, you’ll ever visit!

Specialties which make OpticVilla Your One-stop Eye Care Shop

 Our Portal

With a perfect navigation and functionality support, OpticVilla completes help you in finding the right eye-care product for the buyers. Options available to the users are potent enough to beat the suggestions given by local vendors and manufacturers as their thoughts are biased, focusing on their own products only.

Varieties and Brands

The exclusive range of eyeglasses, spectacle frames, contact lenses, reading glasses, etc allows us to serve your design and prescription requirements. To serve the quality requirements, OpticVilla sells the best products from well-known brands only.

Surety of Excellence and Quality

Being a third party vendor, OpticVilla deploys several quality checks on every manufactured product. Our professionals are expert at quality control and inspection.

Offers and Discounts

Our pricing is 100% affordable and lowest in the market. For raising your excitement, Optic Villa has time-to-time offers and discounts. You can get the special benefits by making purchases at right time.

Customer Support Services

For any query, confusion, complaint and issue – OpticVilla have a dedicated and smart customer support team which works 24/7, in order to provide satisfactory help to every customer who visits our online shop.

India needs better markets to serve the eye care requirements. Currently, there are less specialized and less accessible. To change this scenario, OpticVilla came into existence. We are happy that we are serving you right. Keep excepting for more as it motivates us to work more efficiently. OpticVilla has the only motive of empowering you and your vision.

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